How are milk and oatmeal stouts made?

They boil oils released during the boiling process which lends a nice bit of bitterness and also helps stabilize their beer’s flavour as it ages over time.

When it comes to craft beer in London,Guest Posting you can’t get much more classic than the stout. The dark and robust flavour of this type of beer has been enjoyed for centuries all over the world, but there’s one particular variation that is starting to grow in popularity; milk stout.

Milk stouts are made by brewing with lactose sugar instead of regular table sugar. They’re also brewed with oatmeal for added body and richness, giving them a creamy texture that makes them perfect for drinking at breakfast time. While milk stouts are relatively new, they’re becoming more and more popular with brewers. The best brands have a subtle sweetness to them that makes them easy drinking even if you aren’t usually an ale drinker. The basic ingredients that go into milk and oatmeal stouts include water, barley malt, lactose sugar and hops. While milk stout has been around since the early 2000s, it’s becoming more popular with brewers today due to its subtle sweetness that makes them easy-drinking even if you aren’t usually an ale drinker. The best brands have a creamy texture that adds another depth of flavour compared to normal ales or lagers.

The brewing process starts by mashing the grains which extracts fermentable sugars from malted barley, the key ingredient in most beers, as well as unfermentable carbohydrates such as dietary fibre found naturally in oatmeal. This is done by steeping the grains in water and heating them. Next, brewers add hops to balance out all of those malt sugars with bitter flavours that help keep beers from being too sweet or cloying.

The taste sensations of milk and oatmeal stouts are a result of the ingredients combined with how it is brewed. The oatmeal helps to create a creamy texture and body while giving their beer some natural sweetness that doesn’t overpower any other flavours or aromas in this type of craft brew. Oatmeal stouts are generally light-coloured which makes them easy on the eyes, especially when they’re poured into a glass mug for drinking!

Things to consider for best facial:

The Beauty Kliniek day spa promise is to give you the very best service and care at all times. Ask about our monthly membership program for the ultimate in savings and benefits

Throughout the day,Guest Posting a variety of things have an impact on your skin. The sun, pollution, smart gadgets, meals, and, of course, heredity all have a significant impact. A range of skin treatments including deep pore cleansing facial San Diego and GuaSha facial San Diego are available at A personalized face is one such example. The resort’s spa offers a personalized facial ready for you, whether you wish to fight signs of ageing, cure acne, or moisturize your skin.

Makeup removal and cleansing

Following the consultation, your esthetician will remove any makeup and cleanse your skin. It’s done with a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush. This aids in the removal of pollutants from the skin’s surface. During the cleansing procedure, steam might be utilized.

Examine and evaluate:

This is crucial since each skin type has distinct features and, as a result, varied requirements. The esthetician will examine your skin with a magnification lamp. They examine your skin in great detail. The esthetician will feel more items with his or her hands when cleaning your skin. Smoothness, roughness, dryness, breakouts, and stiffness all influence the products utilized and the skin care products advised following your session.


Exfoliating has a plethora of advantages. This is when the esthetician eliminates the dead skin cells and oil from the surface of your skin. This stage of the facial is especially useful if your skin is prone to breakouts. Exfoliating on a regular basis will assist to eliminate the debris that clogs your pores and promotes outbreaks. It also aids in the maintenance of a healthy glow as you age and improves the texture of your skin. Multiple layers of dead skin cells tend to build up and collect over time as you become older. Exfoliation promotes the skin’s regeneration process, allowing healthier cells to show through. If you are looking for best massage San Diego andBest facial San Diego, then is the best spot to hit.

Removal of the face knit and grit:

Your pores have opened up as a result of the steam machine relaxing your skin. It’s now time to get rid of any pimples or blackheads (if you want your esthetician to do so). To avoid any harm to your skin, an esthetician will perform a proper extraction of blackheads using the right methods and tools.

Why don’t you go ahead and choose them yourself? It’s critical to see an esthetician in order to effectively remove those small flaws. They have the equipment to get rid of them more safely than you do. When you’re at home, you’re likely to use your fingers, which are contaminated with bacteria. A skilled extraction is less likely to leave scars or cause infection.

Relaxation time:

Your face massage is the next phase in the process. Using various massage techniques, your esthetician will work the product into the skin. The face massage assists in the reduction of tension and stress. One of the immediate advantages of a face massage is an increase in blood and oxygen flow, which improves collagen synthesis and hence a young glow over time.

How Can Virtual Shopping Experience Ramp Up Your Festive Sales?

Virtual shopping experience a perfect blend of the offline and online world – has made last-mile delivery possible to locations where no stores were giving the product demo.

Customers like to shop during the festive season. They splurge on products and usually postpone their buying activity throughout the year until the festive season. It also brings a new opportunity for products in the premium category to be sold for businesses. With the virtual shopping experience given by organizations to their customers,Guest Posting they become sure about buying their products without even visiting the stores. Brick and mortar stores have become a point of delivering goods and after service/sales experience more than just a purchasing outlet. Users sometimes even check the stores to complete their purchase journey once they study the product online.

Enter Virtual Shopping Experience
Virtual shopping experience – a perfect blend of the offline and online world – has made last-mile delivery possible to locations where no stores were giving the product demo.

This AI-based technology uses high-resolution cameras, TMT plates, AR and VR glasses so that customers can virtually touch and feel the product. As a result, customers are engaged on a higher level in such virtual showroom demos where there is real-time engagement. Such strategies can help giants overcome losses in the struggling sectors.

Conversational platforms are the next big thing for about 40% of the Indian entities.

Based on a survey by Scalers, about 61% of users like to shop from brands that provide phygital customer experiences.

Know how to implement a phygital plan
The go-to strategy is 3I’s, which stands for Immersion, Immediacy, and Interaction. The first two, in this case, are about making sure the physical space is perfect, and Interaction takes care of the digital space in the virtual setup.

Understand where to implement your phygital plan
Given phygital involves a lot of money for space and technology to set up, you must think about which products to sell using this strategy. Say, if the product is a medium-priced product in a category and your expenses on providing a user phygital experience is greater than the sales earned, it might be a wrong option to phygitalize your product. The phygital category mainly caters to the premium products wherein the users aren’t satisfied just by looking at the product.

Give complete product knowledge to your employees
Your employees must be aware of how to operate in a phygital environment to give a demo. Hire employees that are well-polished can face the camera and have good communication skills. Understand which language you would like to use while providing such demos. Training sessions for employees regularly can go a long run in query resolution and product updates.

Setup the right way
Now that you know which products you are selling, you have hired the right employees and know a plan to do phygital work. Next, it’s time to evaluate the s Use high-tech resolution cameras, proper lighting, and AR/VR glasses – these three would be the basic requirements for a phygital environment.

Complete your sales funnel with a payment mechanism
Phygital experiences, whenever implemented, have usually shown a high NPS (Net Promoter Score) and customer satisfaction scores. It also means that you have a higher chance of customers purchasing the product. In such a case, it becomes even more crucial to have a payment mechanism to complete your sales funnel for the prospect. Therefore, have a ready RFID (Radio- Frequency Distribution) mechanism to allow customers to pay instantly through a scan on a QR code visible on the screen. Not just this, to give users a hassle-free experience, you can allow them to pay through multiple ways such as debit card, credit card, cash on delivery, and more.

Allow customers to give you a feedback
Since you are implementing this strategy for the first time at your business, there are high chances that you may not have to test, try and implement it over time. To ensure you are enhancing customer experience regularly, allow your customers to rate NPS (Net Promoter Score), Camera Quality, Demo Experience, etc. This evaluation would be customer-centric, and your business can filter out the best way out for each step. Also, note and measure through your revenue growth metrics to understand if you are going the right way. Real-time interaction also allows you to get queries resolved rather than other omnichannel support such as email, chatbots, etc., where there may be a gap for communication.

Learn More: Phygital in the automotive industry: Wind of change in delivering CX

Summing Up
Brands like Nike have already implemented a phygital experience; when will you?

It might be the case wherein your business may not have sufficient bandwidth to cater to this experience. If you have made up your mind that a phygital strategy for premium products will be a hit but are unsure of its implementation, this is how you can still do it.

Not having proper resources and workforce can be a bottleneck that you can overcome through outsourcing services.

Hire an expert to take care of your phygital services. Check their background, partners, authorization, and feedback before joining hands with your partner. Outsourcing partners usually have a workforce trained to give such demos. You can even check previous results of an outsourcing partner to understand their credibility. Save in-house costs of hiring, training, and a whole phygital setup by outsourcing your requirements.

Tips That Will Help You to Find Randburg Photographer

There are several types of things that we can expect in our life that are seemingly more beautiful and it is quite understandable that the entire criteria would be rightly available to get outstanding experience from all these types of issues and it is quite interesting to make it sure that, the entire procedure would be rightly meet all these requirements with appropriate things. This is the main reason; you need to invest in a quality Randburg photographer who can meet all your requirements without any hassle.

Hiring a photographer is not such a hard thing but without proper research,Guest Posting if you rely on a particular photographer, it would be a big blunder in the future. Photos are meant to save your best moments in life and after hiring a well-reputed Randburg photographer it would be the best way to get the best things that are certainly making something more interesting that are meant to provide utmost satisfaction. This is the main reason; you need to come with the right kind of technical verification before selecting a photographer for your own purpose.

When you have the right kind of things that are mainly making things more meaningful, it would be the right purpose to get them according to your own subject. There are several things that you should keep in mind while doing the same things that are making it more important for different types of things.

There are several things that you need to come forward with for your own purpose and before hiring, you need to ask about the photoshoot prices that are certainly making something more critical to get them according to your own. This is the main reason, you need to make sure that the entire procedure will rightly make a great contribution to your entire planning and with all these plans, you should search on the internet for a better photography process.

When you have the most interesting approach to get them on your own way, it would be the right thing to come forward and should make it clear that the entire procedure would be rightly available for making something crucial with the help of the right kind of approach. When you have the right things to come with all these things for an appropriate purpose, you should make sure that, the deeper you go, the more you can find the best things that will suit your needs. This is the main reason that you need to comply with all these things that are required while searching for the Randburg photographer. This is the main reason; it would be the right way to get the best things done that will deliver outstanding results within a certain period of time.

These are the things that need to be done to make sure that the entire procedure would have been right to meet all these requirements with appropriate photography procedure that will lead you to the best result in the future. Therefore, you need to make sure that the entire thing would be correctly summed up just by asking photoshoot prices from the photographer whom you want to share. These are the things that everyone should make sure that the entire photographer’s purpose will rightly meet all your criteria.

Carbon fiber parts & Carbon fiber sheets in Advanced Composites

Rockman Advanced Composites is an AS9100D certified Indo-British enterprise that deals in carbon fiber composites such as high-end electric vehicle composites, motorbike composites, aerospace composites, Defence composites, railway & marine composites, and more commercial application composites since 4 decades such as Carbon fiber parts, Advanced Composites & Carbon fiber sheets, Carbon fiber tube.

Rockman Advanced Composites is an AS9100D certified Indo-British enterprise that deals in carbon fiber composites such as high-end electric vehicle composites,Guest Posting motorbike composites, aerospace composites, Defence composites, railway & marine composites, and more commercial application composites since 4 decades such as Carbon fiber parts, Advanced Composites & Carbon fiber sheets, Carbon fiber tube…The auto component industry manufactures a wide variety of products including engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, alloy wheels, body & chassis, suspension & braking parts, Chain kits, equipment & electrical parts, among others. The company also has been conducting its business in more than 35 countries. It aims to achieve its vision to strengthen the focus on mobility, technology, and creating a global footprint, with Hero MotoCorp. Rockman Advanced composites industry, or Advanced composite materials industry, is characterized by the use of expensive, high-performance resin systems and high-strength, high-stiffness fiber reinforcement.

Keeping Your Customers Happy Should Be Strategic Move

You are dealing with a highly agile and mobile consumer base. The advent of digital technology has made people highly extrovert and has given them the opportunity to voice their concerns openly. Yeah, forget about voicing concerns; in fact, they can simply blow your brand out into the nothingness if you fail to address their concerns and keep them happy. So, how are you going to keep them calm and cool? Well, you cannot expect things to go always perfect. You might have a superlative product or matchless service, but at times things will go wrong and that is the nature of things.
Therefore, it is imperative that you find experienced BPO services that can take care of your customer support department. While some profess that it is wise to develop an in-house customer care team, some believe that outsourcing is preferably the best solution. Well, both the viewpoints are valid on their own rights. Let’s have a comparative look.

The in-house team vs. outsource?

Developing an internal customer support team will need you to allocate resources that include technological deployment processes like the CRM software, computers and other related gadgets and devices. You cannot deny the fact that buying these devices, machines, and software will cost you a fortune.

On the other hand, the outsourcing will free you from this investment; in fact, you can use these resources to empower your core competencies. For instance, if you produce AC stabilizer, you might invest the money in product development rather than building a customer support team that will act as a liability in the long run.

When you have the luxury of hiring BPO service provider, it does not make sense to invest money in establishing a customer support department. In addition, the outsourcing company will have trained professionals who will be able to serve your clients intelligently.

The outsourcing organization will also be able to assist you with social media integration in your customer support endeavor. Of course, social media has become an integral part of life. Although it is a virtual platform, the importance of this platform in people’s lives can beat the authenticity of the physical reality.

So, find a service provider that has enough technological capability to serve your clients optimally. The company should be able to offer you measurement tools like the SLAs and KPIs so that you can monitor the service quality. Apparently, a customer support team is not only designed to make your customers happy but also they are formed to improve sales and help in product development process.

The consumer data play a vital role in developing and product and service quality. Make sure that the company offers you analytics and data so that you can strategize your business accordingly.

The Qualities of Agents That Makes a Call Centre Excel

If you wish to outsource your business process then you must hire the best of the call centre to do the job for you. The excellence of a call centre depends on the qualities of the agents as because they are the one who actually represents you in front of your customers while making the call.
It would be wise to know the qualities of the agents so that you can hire the best outbound call centre to outsource your business process.

The Qualities of the Best Agents in Call Centre

Having the best of agents is like having implemented the best of call centre software. Let us have a look at such qualities which makes a call centre to be the one that you can have your business process outsourced.

Retention of knowledge:

As they will be the one who will be representing you in front of your customers during a call they must be having a proper knowledge regarding your organization and the products and services that you deal with.

They must have the ability to retain such knowledge and be properly updated about the recent development so that the information passed through them to the customers is accurate. Not only that they must know the flow of the process. They must properly know what to do when they cannot tackle a customer. This confidence will enable customers to have faith in your organization and be your customers forever.

Pay attention to details:

The job of a call centre agent may be monotonous. They may be listening to the same problems or queries times and again. This nature of the job may make them complacent and may force them to have the understanding that they know about the query of the customer even before hearing that.

It must not be so with the best of the agent. They must ask questions so that they can understand in depth about the reason for the customer call. After paying that attention to the finer details they must offer their answer so that the customer gets a proper resolution to the query.

Organized approach:

The best of an agent must be so organized that they can perform multiple tasks at the same time. They must have the ability to listen to the customer, understand their query, search the knowledge base, update the CRM and then offer the perfect answer all at the same time. If they are organized then there will be a lesser chance of any error and you can expect to have the best of customer service offered.

Being organized would also help them to be flexible which offering the service. If a customer asks a different aspect when the agent is dealing with one then if they are not organized they will be puzzled and your organization will be earning a bad name.

The Benefits of Inbound Call Center Services

The demand for inbound call services is increasing day by day as many well-established companies are availing such services in order to serve the customers effectively. In the present markets, there is the huge demand for inbound as well as outbound call services Several call center services are well running their vast services across the different regions and offering the seekers admirable services. Many youths are making their career in the call center services and there is the huge possibility to enhance their personality with better communication skills.
The rising popularity of inbound call center is really tremendous and the other amazing thing is that it is basically a customer-oriented initiate to help the customer related to particular branded products and their emergency services.

In the available market, plenty of call center services are easily accessible and reputed companies are hiring such services for their business growth. With the expansion of the internet facility and all the market are focusing towards the digital platform it really emerging the needs of online service more and more.

Through the help of inbound call center service, the customers get a direct communication facility with the merchants or their representatives to fulfill their desire needs and requirements instantly. It is quite easy to choose the professional inbound call center services because if you pick professional agencies then you will get the admirable services also.

What is actually inbound call services:

In a simple term to understand it is desired cal center spot that deals with a majority of the incoming calls for particular merchants or brand of a product. This means the customer calls you and basically asks for assistance over the phone for their products that they have purchased from you.

The inbound call center services are gaining popularity across the globe and much leading agency are involving into this field effectively. They offer plenty of services that include help desk, sales, technical and nontechnical, customer services, placing order for a particular product and so on.

All these advantages help the business to grow further and also lead to meet the customer needs instantly. Most of the reputed inbound call center services are considered as customer focused centers. There is the huge difference between the inbound and outbound call center services.

The inbound call center services are done by the professional manner and they will assist their customer perfectly to just serve them best admirable services to fulfill their inquiry details. In a short, the inbound call services or performance are basically measured in various terms and according to desired metrics.

Some of the best-listed metrics includes like calling attendances, helping customers, resolving their issues, greeting the customers properly and so on. In the call center, the effective communication plays signification role in dealing with customers.

Though there are several other sources to deal with a customer are accessible like SMS, emails but talking over the call is the better way to make the business more reliable in the present scenario. Just avail the inbound call center services from the professional agencies and make your entire business more reliable and competitive to serve the customer successfully.

How to Have Best of Call Center Services

You must agree that the backbone of a successful business is having happy customers. The call centers are the point where customers first get in contact with your business executives when they want any information or face any nature of a problem. So, having the best-managed call center is the ultimate way of having happy customers and a business enhancement.
You may be thinking how to select the best organization for outsourcing call center. As you read through you will understand how to make such a selection and have the best of services.

Ways to Select the Best Organization to Outsource Call Center

There are certain traits which you must notice in order to select the best organization who can manage your call center in the best possible manner.

Good in communication: The organization that you choose to outsource your call center must have effective communication with you. You must judge that the organization understands your business goals and have proper way implemented so that such goals can be achieved. They must be having a proper process of escalating an issue which may hamper your business objective. It must be discussed with you in details and implemented.

Flexible and innovative: The best of the organization must be flexible and innovative in their way of work. They must be flexible to adapt to the working procedure of your business and must be innovative in training their already skilled staff to understand the nature of work that needs to be done.

Overcoming language barrier: The organization must impart proper language training to their employees so that no language barrier is faced by the customers. Voice and accent training must be a must and a cutout marks should be there below which no employee should be introduced into the work. The language spoken and understood must not make any problem to be faced by the customers.

Service Level Optimization: The organization must have able means to ensure service level optimization. It must not be such that employees of that organization cannot handle more calls than expected and it must be properly managed by senior management staff that during more call flow also best of service is offered to the customers.

Highest level of security: The organization would know about many intricate details regarding your business when they would be running the call center on your behalf. They must ensure that such information is never leaked to anyone.

Robust infrastructure: The selected organization must have a robust infrastructure so that they can perform the best and expand quickly if there is a need, with the growth of your business. They must be having the best of internet connection with best of communication system available so that your customer has a pleasant experience while talking to the customer support executives.

All nature of support: It must not be that the organization has only the capability to offer voice support. They must be capable of offering e-mail and chat support too. They must be a one-stop solution provider for you to have an effective communication with your customers.

Selecting the organization keeping these considerations in mind it is for sure that you will be having the best of call center outsourcing.

RIP Cold Calling: Better (and more fun) Ways to Reach and Convert Prospects

“The persuasion of a friend is a strong thing.” Homer We need a moment of silence, please. There’s been a death. Cold calling has officially kicked the bucket. RIP cold calling. Sorry, but you won’t be missed.
True, you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. Let’s be honest, no one really liked cold calling – no doubt those who received the cold calls didn’t like them either. How many times did you get home from work and say, “Gee, I hope that phone starts ringing with someone I don’t know who wants to sell me something I don’t want.”?

And I suspect if you’ve been a Realtor for very long, you’ve probably made your share of cold calls. But I bet you would have enjoyed punching yourself in the face more. But Bubba, wait a minute, I’m in real estate which means I’m in sales. How can I take cold calling off my to-do list and still reach my sales goals? Glad you asked. That’s what this article is all about. And I promise what I will share here will be many times more fun than cold calling – and more effective.

Teach a seminar – Remember this little tidbit: people want to learn, oftentimes they love to learn. So instead of selling people, educate them. It’s a kind of build-it-and-they-will-come thing. Create a fun seminar with a catchy title (10 ways to sell your home without a single headache!) and yes, people will enjoy that 10 times more than a cold call. Guaranteed! And it doesn’t have to be long – in fact, a couple of hours can work in many cases. Think about it – suddenly you’re in front of several prospects who are hanging on your every word, and what’s more, seeing you as an expert in the industry. And don’t forget to get their contact information so you can follow up – not with a cold call – but a warm call! By the way, the warm call is alive and kicking!

Write and/or blog about current real estate news – Again, think educating, not selling. Also, think about where people’s eyeballs are today – yes, online. That’s also where you need to be – with a blog that’s filled with helpful, practical information prospects can use. This doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. It can be (and usually should be) relatively short but packed with useful items. Also consider approaching your local newspaper to see if they might let you write an occasional column on real estate.

Write an e-book – Back in the old days (just before the Internet) folks who wanted to put the word author behind their names had to take months (and sometimes years) to actually write a book – usually hundreds of pages. But today in the digital age, e-books are filling people’s virtual shelves. The best part: these little fellers can (and often do) run just a few pages. What’s more, you can attach it to e-mails you send to prospects. Don’t you think they’d like a free e-book with yours truly as the author? And just like teaching a seminar, having an e-book (or even a few of them) puts you in the expert category.

See? Prospecting doesn’t have to be like poking yourself in the eye. It can be – and should be – fun and educational.

Let me hear from you. Are you still cold calling? If so, how do you feel about it? Is it effective? Do you think some of the other methods of prospecting listed here might be a better use of your time and produce more return on investment?