Minimum Documents Required for Home Loan

For the vast majority of Indians, purchasing a home is likely to be one of life’s most significant accomplishments. Finding the ideal property and then acquiring an appropriate home loan are both crucial. Home loans are taken out for a variety of reasons, not just a lack of finances. There are various additional benefits to receiving a house loan. When applying for a home loan, all banks and housing finance companies require the same documents (HFCs). However, depending on your home loan type, individual credit profile, and so on, some specific criteria may apply. We’ve put together a list of some of the most critical home loan documents you’ll need to submit during the loan application process.

Understanding Home Loan
A home loan is a sum of money borrowed from a financial institution such as a bank or a lending company. You pay an EMI every month to repay the loan. The lender regards the property as security. If the borrower cannot repay the loan, the lending company has the legal right to collect the loan amount.

Types of Home Loans
A house loan is much more than just a way to finance the purchase of a new home. There are various types of home loans:

Loan for the Purchase of a Home
Loan for Home Improvements
Loan for Purchasing Land
Loan for a Joint Residence
Home Loan Transfer of Funds
Loan for Home Improvements
Benefits of a Home Loan
When you take out a home loan, you are effectively developing an asset, as opposed to other loans that may be considered liabilities. In most cases, the value of this asset will only increase with time. This makes obtaining a house loan more enticing.

You can obtain your ideal home.

A house loan has the potential to make your dream a reality. It lowers the cost of purchasing a home.

Repay according to your financial situation.

Home loans are extremely versatile. You can choose a repayment term of up to 30 years, allowing you to make monthly payments that are well within your means. You can choose an EMI and pay off the loan based on your financial situation.

Tax Advantages

You can save a lot of money with a home loan, which is often regarded as the most effective tax-saving instrument. Sections 24, 80C, and 80EEA of the Income Tax Act allow you to deduct up to INR 5 lakhs in taxes.

Asset Development

Your home is an asset that can deliver the highest return on investment. Unlike an automobile, the value of this item will not decrease due to depreciation.

Simple Procedures

From the loan application to the payment travel, the procedures at Home First Finance are easy and transparent. Our dedicated customer care team is always available to you.

Home Loan What are the documents needed for a home loan?
Though completing a loan application may appear to be a difficult task, if you do your homework, you will be able to glide through this process with ease. The documents required with the loan application for a house loan are generally dictated by the applicant’s profession/occupation. Let us begin with the documents that everyone has access to:


Identity Verification

Driver’s License
Aadhar Card
Passport Address
Proof An Identity
Proof with the Permanent Address
Voter’s ID Card
Telephone Receipt for Electricity Bill

Water Tax
Property Tax
Post-paid Mobile Phone Bill
Documents Concerning Property

Stamped sale agreement/Sales Deed or letter of Allotment
NOC from the builder/housing society
Certificate of Possession Estimated Construction Costs
In the event of a newly built apartment, a bank account statement is required, as well as an occupancy certificate

Passport-sized photographs

Home Loan Documents Required for Salaried and Self-Employed Applicants
A home loan application form that has been completed and signed.
Identification Documentation: (Any one of the below)
PAN Card,
Aadhaar Card,
Voter ID Card
Driver’s License
Age Verification: (Any one of the below)
Aadhaar Card,
PAN Card,
Birth Certificate,
10th Class Marksheet,
Bank Passbook,
Driving Licenses are all required documents.
Documentation of residency: (Any one of the below)
Bank Passbook
Voter’s ID
Ration Card
Utility Bills (Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Gas Bill)
LIC Policy Receipt
Letter from a reputable government agency confirming the customer’s address
Income Documentation
Form 16 (Salaried)
Payslips from the last two months,
Increment letter
IT returns for the last three years (increment or promotion letter)
Aside from proof of income, the salaried individual would be asked to give proof of any investment (such as fixed deposits, shares, etc.) as well as passport-size pictures.

For Self Employed:
Income Tax Returns (ITR) for self-employed individuals over the last three years
The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statement of the Company/Balance Firm (duly attested by a C.A.)
License Specifications for a Business (or any other equivalent document)
Professional Practice Permit (For Doctors, Consultants, etc.)
Certificate of Establishment Registration (For Shops, Factories & Other Establishments)
Evidence of Business Location
6. List of Property Documents for Home Loan:

Receipts must accompany payments made to the developer (in case of a new house)
Buyer Agreement / Letter of Allotment
Title Deeds, as well as the preceding chain of property papers (in case of house resale)
a copy of the purchase agreement (if already executed)
Receipt of the first payment from the house seller
Title deeds for the plot (in case of house construction)
A detailed estimate of house construction by an architect or civil engineer.
A copy of the plans that have been approved by the local government.
Evidence showing the property is free of encumbrances
7. Additional Documents:

All candidates and co-applicants are required to provide passport-sized photographs (to be affixed on the application form and signed across)
Proof of one’s contribution
Bank statements over the last six months demonstrating debt repayment (if any)
Information on ongoing loans in the name of an individual or a corporate entity (such as the outstanding amount, monthly installments, purpose, remaining loan length, and so on) (If applicable)
A check made payable to the home loan provider for the processing charge
For Salaried:
An employment contract or appointment letter is required if the current job is less than a year old.
Latest Form 26 AS for Self-Employed and Business Profile
A CA / CS certifies a list of Directors and Shareholders with their interests in the case of a corporation.
A partnership deed is required if the company entity is a partnership firm.
The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company

List of Home Loan Documents Required for NRIs/PIOs Applicants
KYC Documents:

Passport with VISA stamps / PIO Card
Proof of Address with a current foreign address
Proof of Income (For Salaried:):

Work permit

Employment Contract / Appointment Letter / Offer Letter (if in another language, duly attested by employer/consulate / foreign office / embassy)
The permit to work/identity card (documents in a language other than English must be translated into English and countersigned by the consulate)
‘In the last three months’ Wage certificates/slips (in English) detailing name, date of joining, designation, and pay data are required for applicants working in the Middle East.
Salary credits are shown on bank statements from the previous six months. NRE / NRO Account (if any)
Credit Bureau Information (in case available in the country where you are residing)
a legally acknowledged copy of the previous year’s ITR (except
NRIs/PIOs residing in Middle Eastern countries and merchant navy employees). A copy of their Continuous Discharge Certificate is required for applicants operating in the merchant sea (CDC).
P60/P45 forms, as well as the most recent employment contract, are required (for salaried)
Please supply a loan A/C statement for the prior year if you have a previous loan from another bank or lender.
For Self Employed:
Professional Practice Permit / Business Permit (for Doctors, Consultants, etc.)
Certificate of Establishment Registration (For Shops, Factories & Other Establishments)
Proof of business location
Proof of income is essential for self-employed professionals/businessmen.
Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts audited or confirmed by a C.A. ITR for the last three years (save for NRI/PIOs resident in Middle Eastern countries)
‘In the last six months’ Bank Foreign account statement in the name of an individual and/or a company/unit
Property related documents

Original title deeds tracing the ownership of the property
Encumbrance Certificate Agreement for Sale/sale deed/detailed cost estimate from Architect/Engineer for property to be purchased/built/extended/improved
A copy of the construction/purchase/extension designs that have been approved
Receipts for payments made to purchase the housing unit, ULC clearance/conversion order, and so on.
Receipts for investing margin money from NRE/NRO account in India using regular banking channels
Receipt of the most recent tax payment
Letter of allocation from the co-operative society/flat owners’ association
Remember that all documents must be self-attested. Aside from the above-mentioned documents, the lender may need more or less.

The different types of loan scams and their warning signs

Most people fall for loan scams when they are desperate for funds and are on the lookout for legitimate lenders. In 2020, 2.2 million incidents of loan fraud were reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

What are loan scams?

It is a loan scam when an individual or a company posing to be a lender doesn’t deliver the loan after obtaining all your financial information.

What are the different types of loan scams?

When scammers offer financial aid, they try to take advantage of the consumer’s most significant economic need and vulnerability. Student loans, mortgages, and debt consolidation are three prevalent types of loan fraud.

Student loans: This loan involves students taking loans from the central government or a private lender to pay for educational expenses such as materials, books, and living costs. Significant government loans often feature cheaper interest rates and more flexible repayment choices than private lenders.
Mortgages: Mortgage scammers frequently use freely released eviction notices to locate people in trouble financially. Scammers may persuade homeowners that they would be able to stay in their homes and even start again. The next step is a bait-and-switch, which may include signing loan-like documents. The issue is that the person is genuinely relinquishing ownership of the home. Other foreclosure scams may require you to pay fees for counseling or auditing, but no meaningful assistance is provided.
Debt consolidation: A personal loan scam is a means for con artists to gain your Social Security number or charge you fees without actually lending you money. Some of the most prevalent personal loan scams entail con artists obtaining your personal information or finances by proposing a loan with no credit check. Others make unwanted loan offers and then vanish after collecting upfront fees or proof.

Warning signs of loan scams

Too enticing to be true

This is a general thing to look out for when looking for loans. For example, suppose a lender claims an assured approval for a quick loan, has positive ratings on their website, doesn’t care about terrible credit, or offers no credit check. In that case, you should do a lot of research before agreeing to anything.

This could include the method used for contacting you. For example, banks frequently send you offer letters through the mail. However, if it’s a bank you’ve never heard of that’s randomly contacting you with a bargain that seems too tempting, proceed with caution.

There are no problems if you have a negative credit score.

Loan scams frequently use pre-approvals, assured approvals, or no credit checks. Be wary of lenders who make such promises without reviewing your credit history first. Scams involving assured clearances or no credit checks are feasible. A lender requires underwriting to assess and price a loan effectively. It’s a red flag if they’re not doing it.

Upfront fees

The loan should reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of the loan. Walk away if you have to pay up with the funds out of your pocket. These payments are commonly referred to as “application fees” or “processing fees.” On the other hand, these fees are far from accurate, and they often need you to do things that may appear strange, such as purchasing a prepaid card.

Legitimate loan lenders impose a fee up in advance. It’s known as an origination charge, which is standard and is deducted from your loan proceeds. Advance-fee loans, on the other hand, are not legal. You should never give somebody money out of your wallet unless you have been authorized.


If a lender puts any pressure on you, don’t give in. Legitimate lenders do not put you under any pressure. Make sure you’re not feeling rushed to make a decision or give critical information like your bank account information, SSN, or credit or debit card information.


Losing money or assets to scams can be painful, so knowing how to distinguish between scammers and a lender you can trust is crucial. Knowing how to recognize typical loan scams can help you avoid identity theft, secure your personal information, and save your hard-earned cash.

Cross-Asset Trading Platform’s Native Token DIFX Surges over 600% on CoinMarketCap

27th January 2022, The Digital Financial Exchange’s crypto utility token DIFX was listed on CoinMarketCap and quickly achieved the spot of the number 1 Gainer with an impressive surge of 600%. Amidst the seemingly endless crypto projects, DIFX stands out as a unique crypto exchange due to its innovative fully insured cross-asset ecosystem and its very own utility token also called DIFX. In fact, the token has also been recognised as one of the hottest pairs in dextools and GeckoTerminal. Although being a relatively new crypto token, DIFX has already created a storm in the crypto industry by being listed on Coin Market Cap, where it has earned the spot of the Top Gainer as of 27th January 2022

About DIFX: The Digital Financial Exchange is a comprehensive ecosystem that leverages and innovates blockchain technology in multiple ways. An exchange with core competencies in creating blockchain applications, providing liquidity, custodian services and 24/7 multi-language support. Moreover, the central component of the exchange is its fully insured Cross-Asset trading platform that bridges the gap between traditional and crypto trading. Its unique ecosystem allows users to trade and invest across multiple asset classes that range from Forex, Indices, Metals, Crypto etc. all under one trading platform. DIFX has created its very own custom MT5 platform to allow traders to trade with over 600 instruments like BTC & Gold, ETH & Crude oil, DogeCoin & Apple Stocks etc. To make things even better, DIFX has also launched a spot exchange available on the Web, iOS & Android, where the world’s top cryptos are available to trade and stake alongside its very own utility token called DIFX.

The DIFX Token The DIFX token is a utility token based on the Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain blockchain, it is a decentralized digital asset that is both ERC-20/BEP-20 compliant. The token is the driving force of the DIFX ecosystem; it includes main utilities regarding the governance and transaction fees within the exchange. It is the primary representation of the DIFX platform and is key to strengthening the reliability and transparency of worldwide payments and transfers. Journey so far As a relatively young centralised exchange, DIFX has already stirred up a storm within the traditional and crypto industry by winning the award for Best New Trading Platform 2021 from Entrepreneur Middle East and the Forex Expo conducted last year. Its unique cross-asset nature has opened the door to the crypto space to many traditional traders, corporations and brokers. The fully insured crypto wallet has also made it highly attractive to the crypto audience across the world. Something that also sets the exchange apart from others is its commitment to increase the adoption of crypto by introducing the DIFX Academy. The DIFX Future: With the crypto industry growing rapidly, institutional interest in cryptocurrency is also slowly rising. Industry leaders like Fireblocks, a partner of DIFX, have already established numerous monetary incentives for additional institutional groups to enter the sector. For a growing community of institutional crypto investors, DIFX serves as a perfect ecosystem with its reliable cross-asset platform, fully insured wallet and capabilities to have a large and diverse asset portfolio. Additionally, the rising popularity of its utility token in the crypto market further solidifies the capabilities of the exchange and gives real trading utility to the DIFX exchange users. For DIFX, the Coin Market Cap listing is only the beginning of a future with Endless Possibilities. About DIFX DIFX is an exchange platform that incorporates centralized finance through the use of blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly platform that is suitable for both novice and experienced traders, institutions, and investors. By eliminating intermediaries, the company hopes to increase the usage of digital currencies for direct settlement between recipient and payer. Download the app now at iOS or Google Play Store or visit us at to start your journey with Endless Possibilities.

MLM Consultant – How to Become a True Professional MLM Consultant

MLM Consultant or MLM Fool – which “title” do you prefer?

Unfortunately, most people approach the business of MLM with a get rich quick attitude and therefore never elevate themselves to the status of MLM Consultant. If you really want to get serious with MLM, then you are about to learn the “Secrets of MLM Success”.

MLM Consultant – How to become a true Professional MLM Consultant

Within this article you will learn exactly what you need to do – in order to gain the true respect of other Professionals and to call yourself an MLM Consultant.

Remember – Amateurs do things for fun and Professionals always get paid.

In order for you to make any real money, you will need to adopt a professional attitude of mind. As soon as you STOP chasing dreams of getting rich and focus on learning the true marketing skills, you are on the right track. Unfortunately, the odds against you achieving success in MLM are stacked against you. Incredibly a staggering 90% of those who enter MLM, ultimately fail and leave the industry within 12 months. All those who achieve the top levels as an MLM Consultant are aware of the numbers that fail. However,an estimated 500,000 people weekly are registering with MLM Companies because of the promises of getting rich quickly. Most of these numbers will fail due to unrealistic expectations, poor attitude, low work output and doing ALL the wrong things. As with any business, if you want to become a top MLM Consultant, you have to dispel all ideas of getting rich and focus on the responsibility of learning the successful methods and the secrets the top leaders NEVER tell you.

Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to become a true Professional and an MLM Consultant respected by others for your Successful Achievements.

Tip 1 – STOP – listening to your upline as their advice does NOT work anymore.!

Your immediate upline will have been advised by their upline to do the following;

To make a list of your family and friends

To buy company endorsed marketing information and materials – DVDs,CDs,Magazines etc

To buy expensive leads from opportunity seekers

To hand out fliers at shopping malls

To attend markets and trade shows

Tip 2 – START – learning how to promote YOU and your business online

The most important aspect to grow your MLM business is a constant flow of new prospects and incredible results are being achieved by those who learn the power of the Internet. FREE and Paid online marketing methods can be applied to promote you and your MLM business opportunity via the Internet. The reality – is that thousands of people are searching daily on the Internet for your opportunity. Instead of selling, convincing and persuading family and friends – simply create a system to have thousands of interested prospects chase you instead. As soon as you have learned the basics of Internet Marketing, you are already in the top 3% and well on your way to the title of MLM Consultant and the lifestyle it can provide.

Whether you are new to the internet or very experienced, online video tutorials are available to help you learn the necessary skills and to become a top MLM Consultant. For this you will need realistic expectations, discipline and a daily method of activity that fits in with your routine

SEO Consultant – How Can They Improve Your Internet Marketing?

In this very modern world today, one that is greatly driven by technology, even business over the Internet is very stiff. Search engine optimization is often the name of the game, and for a company to thrive, a SEO consultant is an edge and greatly needed.

A SEO consultant can help you assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertisements. Of course, this consultant is very much knowledgeable about the field of Internet marketing- its mechanics, tactics, and strategies. Of course, do not expect your SEO manager to turn your business into an overnight sensation. However, be assured that you are going to be given and provided with the best tips and tricks to help your business skyrocket to riches and fame.

If you are completely new to the whole “Internet marketing and business” scene, then having a SEO consultant by your side is really helpful, and will pay off eventually. Even if you are just totally clueless of how everything works out, it does not hurt to get a consultant for yourself. It is much better to be rightfully guided than take risks and make mistakes along the way.

If you have an already existing business, it is never too late to hire a SEO manager. Setting up and getting your business fired up is not the start and end of it. The more, perhaps the most, important thing that matters is the performance of the company, and you can have a consultant to help you assess the “well- being” of your company. If your advertisements and marketing strategies prove to be ineffective, that consultant can help you come up with much better ones.

It is completely up to you whether or not you want to hire a SEO consultant. You can operate without it, but optimum performance cannot be easily guaranteed. Whereas, with a SEO consultant working alongside you, there is a much bigger chance that your company will climb the ladder much easier and faster.

Frightened of Asbestos? Take the Services of Asbestos Consultants to Hit the Problem

Twenty to thirty years ago the term ‘asbestos’ was not common among the people. They were not aware about the harmful effects of this fibrous material that can cause lung cancer or breathing disorders in the human respiratory system. Asbestos is a toxic mineral that is used in building materials and vehicle brakes to get resistance from the corrosion and heat. Inhaling of this mineral can cause asbestosis disease that can even lead to the death.

Those workers who work in the brake and clutch repairs, or in construction industry are at the higher level of risk for catching such hazardous diseases caused by asbestos. Fibers of asbestos are very small which can’t be seen by the naked eyes. People are required to take safety measures to escape from the harmful health problems.

Earlier, asbestos was considered as an ideal material for constructing the buildings. Most of the buildings that were built in the time period of 1980-1990′s are containing asbestos. So, it is required to remove this harmful product so that you can keep yourself safe and healthy. However it is never suggested to remove the asbestos from your home with your own efforts. The reason behind it is that you can can catch some of the fibers as they are very thin and it will cause serious health disorders in your body.

There are particularly trained consultants for the removal of asbestos from residential or commercial buildings. It is advised to take the help of these asbestos consultants because they give special services and advices for all the problems related to the asbestos removal. Asbestos consultants make you aware and provides the information on identification symptoms, preparing work area for the removal and proper cleaning of this toxic material.

Asbestos consultants also provides the assistance for government laws that are connected with the industries that are using asbestos containing material. Asbestos consultants help you in determining the safe processes to work with asbestos. Asbestos consultants also inform that how much percentage of asbestos is present in your residential or commercial building. They perform a test and check the status of the asbestos, to estimate the extent of health dangers for the people who are living or working in the building.

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Hiring a Wedding Consultant

Planning your wedding will be fun but not easy. It will consume all your spare time and can be stressful if you let it. You have to make the guest list, run from one flower shop to another, contact suppliers, reserve a reception venue and that’s not all! Of course, you want to look your best on your wedding day, so don’t tire yourself out making all the preparations yourself. Why not try hiring a wedding consultant? They are easy to work with, and will make your big day go without a glitch!

So, here are a few friendly tips in choosing and working with a wedding consultant. Search through the internet or your yellow pages when looking for a professional wedding specialist. You can also ask your friends if they have any personal experience with one. Then schedule a meeting with them together with your fiancé.

If you have already found one, keep looking for more. Talk to a number of consultants so you can find one that will work well with you and your fiancé.

Compare the prices and the services that will be offered by the wedding consultants you have short-listed.

Contact the wedding consultant that you have chosen to work with to make your day special. Some require a deposit, and may even ask you to sign a contract.

When you have hired your wedding consultant, you can tell them about your budget, and how much of the planning you expect them to do. Tell them what allocation of the budget you would like to be spent on each part of the wedding itinerary.

The consultant will show you pictures and samples, and advise you about the various decisions you will have to make at the outset of your preparations. These can include any of the following:- the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, the wedding party’s attire, the different wedding styles, the Motif for the wedding, the color scheme, the fabrics, the flower arrangements, the table settings, the stationery, the catering, the venues, photography and recordings, designs for the reception and ceremony whether inside or out, the transport, the entertainment, thank you gifts for wedding party and guests, – and the list goes on.

Keep in touch with your consultant and meet with them regularly. Contact them if there are any problems that arise, as they have the experience and expertise to handle them. Remember to prepare a seat for your wedding consultant at your wedding, and during the reception. They will have helped you to design your special day, and they will also happily be there to make sure it goes perfectly.

This is your wedding, and it is entirely up to you how much or how little of the preparations you are involved in. When your wedding day arrives, enjoy this amazing experience by being calm and happy. Don’t get tense by taking on too much responsibility for the arrangements. You can seek help from parents, family and friends, but when you want experts to organize and plan the smooth running of your wedding you will need the help of a wedding consultant.

Information on Cinema Consultants

Cinema all across the globe is becoming more and more popular and enhancement in technology is giving it the boost required to flourish. From music to videos, right down the small theatre plays, cinema is taking advantage of these things and providing a much better experience for its audience. But these audio and video systems are not easy to produce, and they often come with specifications that are highly sophisticated and expensive. This is a serious cause for concern for producers who are involved in the cinema production and who are looking forward to upgrading the cinema. Here comes the importance of a consultant for cinema. These consultants help cinemas during the transition period. Likewise, skilled employees can take the difficult systems and make them work more efficiently, or render the right kind of assistance required thereby.

Why are these people so important to cinema? To put it simply, they save producers from future problems that might occur if the system fails or does not do well. In case they know what the market status is or what is required out of them the producers can be proactive and make what is required thereby benefiting both the customers and themselves.

When things fail, it can get really expensive and that is exactly why it is ideal to have a consultant with you for support. This can save time and money in the long run, and hence investing in a consultant is ideal. What separates a consultant from the rest is that they have loads of experience and years and years of practice with judgment skills. They have been learning and practicing their skills since ages and hence can be blindly trusted upon. To launch a production without support from the expert consultants is not a good idea since failure is more likely than when you consult a technical advisor. The responsible thing to do in order to get the probability of success favoring you is by investing in wiser consultants. You can go online and search for them or ask other experienced professionals.

Going online is risky since you personally do not know the person hence go for word of mouth since you can rely on that individual blindly. Therefore the best choice is to look for a good consultant to launch your cinema than not doing it and losing all that you have invested in your cinema. You must keep in mind that their wisdom and experience will enable the cinema to sail through.

What to Look For in a Chiropractic Consultant

In conversations with many chiropractors each and every week, I am amazed at how many do not have a chiropractic consultant or coach. All great athletes have coaches. All successful CEO’s have coaches. If you take your practice seriously, you need one as well. As one of my mentors Brian Tracy says, “you need to learn from the experts, because you will not have enough time to learn it all on your own”. I am going to discuss some of the key questions you need to ask before hiring a chiropractic consultant.

The first question to ask yourself, is the coach currently in practice? Many of the top consultants are now out of practice. In most cases, that is okay. However, I personally like to mentor and coach with those who are still in the trenches and are experiencing chiropractic practice today. I have been in practice for the past eleven years in Southern California, one of the most chiropractic competitive areas of the country. I have found that what works in marketing your chiropractic message in most areas of the country, usually has very little success in this Southern California.

The second question to ask is what is the focus of their coaching? For many of the consultants out there, a major emphasis is on acquiring new patients and marketing. Although this is a very important part of building a successful practice, I have found out by my experiences, that there is very little emphasis on running a profitable, efficient business and strategies for taxes, etc. Most chiropractors have never owned a business before, and the reason they became chiropractors was to help people. How many chiropractors do you know, who see a lot of patients each week, yet are struggling financially because of the lack of business skills?

Another question that you need to ask is who will actually be coaching you? Are you going to be communicating with the principle of the company, or will it be an employee of the consultant? I know from my experience a few years back, there really was no communication with the chiropractic consultant, and I had to deal with someone who was an employee and not even a chiropractor. Learning from webinars, seminars and tutorials is a very large part of most consultants programs. Are you getting great value for the cost of these services each and every month make sense?

There are many great chiropractic coaches who still practice today out there, so you need to do your research before making a very important decision for your practice future. When you make your decision, give it your full participation.

5 Tips From a Top SEO Consultant to Increase Website Traffic

Think about this… by utilising the benefits of a SEO consultant you can turn your website into a highly prosperous and customer attracting machine that works 24/7. The problem is most SEO consultants simply don’t deliver half of what they promise. By using the information in this article you will learn how to obtain the right guide on setting up your website properly to increase your profits.

1. You Must Do Your Keyword Research

The basis of a successful website ranking in the search engines starts with extensive keyword research and the sorting of those keywords. The majority of SEO consultants simply don’t have the patience to do this properly thus you miss out on the real benefits.

Here’s the thing… for keyword research to be successful an SEO consultant must be patient and utilize intelligent calculations in choosing keywords that produce money for their client, not just top ten rankings. Strong search engine optimization is based on utilizing the proper keyword tools to find your keywords.

Here are some good keyword tools:

Google External Keyword Tool, Google Insight and Google Suggestions. The Google External Keyword Tool will give you the exact number of monthly searches which leaves you with the following two things to do…

o Copy the list into a document or download them into an excel sheet.

o Use keywords that have a good monthly search and go with the content on your website.

2. Original Content

Any good SEO consultant will tell you that you need original, related and quality content on your website. Search engines and people love to read original and useful content. But the problem is… most people do not use any SEO when they write their content. Content that has been written by a SEO consultant will include a well balanced use of keywords thought the copy at about five to six percent.

Two tips here would be to make use of two to three keywords throughout the entire content and make sure you start the content with the most important keyword and end it with the same keyword.

3. Optimization On Your Pages

Search Engine Crawler reads only the HTML of the web-page and so it must be properly optimizes to guide the crawlers to the right areas and content of the website.

It’s important you put the important keywords in the Title, Description and insert more keywords into the keywords area. Utalise a H1 to even a H6 by adding your keywords. If you have any pictures on your website it is wise to name the Alt Tags a key word.

4. Use Social Bookmarking

Become extremely involved into social bookmarking. Join all the major Social Bookmarking websites like Dig, Delicious, Twitter, Stumble upon, Reddit, Technorati etc. It’s important you bookmark your own articles and press releases, make friends and share your bookmarks.

The social bookmarking sites are very well optimized and are viewed (cached) by search engines every single day. Should you happen to have a link to your website, article or press release bookmarked, your website article or press release can be checked (cached) by Google within just one day.

5. Article & Press Release

Take time to write articles and Press releases in relation to your website. Submit the articles to article directories and press releases to press releases websites. Make sure you leave a link back to your website as anchor text so readers can visit your website.

This helps your website get crawled by the search engines in just two days. By leaving anchor text for internal pages of your site you will have your internal pages cached too thus improving your website’s presence.

The information above reveals what and good SEO consultant will do and what you can do to improve the results of your search engine rankings.